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Montreal Quebec

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Mon, Sep 04, 2006 @ 03:38 PM

April 2006 we were in Montreal and had a blast, me and my sister flew from Birmingham. Few friends had driven from Boston and we meet up in Montreal for the weekend on Friday night. We had friends in Montreal as well and they knew how to party and knew the right places to go so we enjoyed the weekend to its fullest. The night life is great there and people love to dance so the first night we went out I know most of us danced for about 3 to 4 hours straight and some of us still wanted to go out to another place but not everyone was up for it so we just hung out for a while. Same the next day but definitely doesn’t beat the first night probably because that club was just more fun and may be because we were still tired from dancing the night before. The people in Montreal were amazingly nice; the friends from Montreal who we had never met before took care of us like we were there close relatives. We went for sightseeing during the day time and on last day went shopping; city was beautiful and the shopping malls were enormous. Also to anyone who goes to Montreal I would strongly recommend the hotel W-Montreal it was one of the nicest W-hotel I have stayed at actually I can say it was in the top 5 Starwood properties I have stayed so far. I am sure there are other nice hotels over there but I was pretty impressed with this one and would probably try to get the same one when ever I go again.

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Las Vegas:

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Sat, Jul 01, 2006 @ 11:35 PM

I have been to Vegas many times when I was under 21, when I turned 21 and after that. There was not one trip out of these where I didn’t have great time. Some people think about Las Vegas and they think it’s mainly about gambling well that’s true if that’s the only thing you are into but otherwise there is much more to it. I know it especially because when I went there for the 1st time I and my sis were under 21 so were not even allowed gambling but enjoyed ever minute I we were there. I was astonished by the amount things to do and the liveliness of the city. I love the fact that city never sleeps and no matter what time there are always people walking around in the streets and enough things to look around that one won’t get bored. In things to do shows were one of the best things I am sure there are many I still have not checked out but some of my favorite one are cirque du soleil shows like Mystere, O and KA and yes last but not the least blue man group these are all the paid shows but there are many free ones too that also worth watching. Bellagio fountain show is one of my favorite attractions they say it has 1200 fountains shooting up as high as 250 ft it’s simply beautiful. Caesars palace is also beautiful, Luxor, Venetian and the new hotel Wynn is also breathtaking. I love roller coasters and Vegas has some really good ones specially the Stratosphere’s Big Shot and New York New York roller coasters are one of the best ones. Vegas also has many places where there are great 3D movies not only that some amazing video game places as well which you will hardly find at any other places. Indoor sky diving, hot air ballooning or just simple as put put golf it’s all there. If you get bored with things to do in Vegas drive down to Grand Canyon or could go on a long drive during our recent trip we had chance to do this and it was lot of fun. Hoover Dam is one thing I would not recommend though it’s very popular attraction near Vegas because to be honest I was just simply bored I can’t think of one reason why I would ever want to go there. Not done yet!!! Vegas has some of the best restaurants and desert places, I love talking about food so I can go on and on about it but to cut it short I doubt there is any cuisine that you can think of and can’t find there no matter how much picky a person would be I doubt anyone would have problem finding a good place to eat. In Vegas they also have some of the best clubs and lounges and music they play in them is usually pretty good too. Offcourse and those who love to gamble there is no other place in the world better than Vegas.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise - Ship: Enchantment of the seas

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Sun, Jun 11, 2006 @ 10:43 PM

Eight day vacation in October 2004 was one of the most relaxing and fun vacation I have had so far. Once we boarded the ship there was literally nothing to plan other than what excursion we wanted to take in Jamaica and Haiti. In Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls was my favorite attraction and after that comes the Dolphin Cove. Margarita Ville was also very interesting and lot of fun. My mom and sister offcourse went crazy over shopping in the little time they had left there but I didn’t think it was all that great for shopping but than again I am not big into shopping. Our next port after Jamaica was Haiti we went to a place called Labadee, it was beautiful there were seven beach’s around that and we took the excursion of renting the wave runners and go to some of the beach’s. Riding wave runners was not same as riding it in lake it was completely different experience my mom was behind me and first she was scared and told me to drive slow but after we went more in the ocean she also told me to speed up offcourse not for too long that was definitely the most fun excursion there, snorkeling was all right. We shopped lot of handy crafts from there mostly all wooden they were pretty neat and I also got interested in buying some of those. Now about the location where we spent most of our time and which was an adventure in it’s self was the ship Enchantment of the Seas. I was just astonished to see what all was there and how big actually it was. I had read and looked at the pictures online before booking it but from pictures you actually couldn’t figure if the things mentioned in there was how big or spacious. Our ship had Rock Climbing facing the ocean, put-put golf, amazing gym, very nice theater, casino, club, an auditorium for get to gathers and games, cards and board game room where family can gather and play, miniature shopping mall, 2 swimming pools, 6 Jacuzzi’s, 3 restaurants, large banquet halls for lunch and dinners, wedding chapel, cyber cafe etc. Days spent in ship were full of activities, either there were shows, games, get to gathers, fun competitions, bingo live music, tournaments or something or the other going on there were common activities which every one can attend and there were few activities for different age groups as well. My dad who was very hesitant to come on cruise had as much as fun that we did if not more. We were already having lot of fun with all the activities and what made the trip more fun was the amazing service we received every where and especially during lunch and dinner. They actually created special Indian meals for my parents that were not in the menu and the thing that amazed me the most was that my parents just suggested few options that they can prepare for them and they almost prepared all the dishes they said which made everyone even happier. Though this much fun there was no stress of planning or running around too much or getting confused so everyone during the entire trip was very relaxed, parents who were first worried about getting sea sick have already been to another cruise within less than a year even without us and is not there favorite way to go for vacation my mom actually wants to go on even longer cruise to Europe.

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Barcelona Spain

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Sun, Mar 26, 2006 @ 02:36 PM

Barcelona Spain:

Barcelona was one great adventure for me, I had great time over there but I think it would have been more fun if I would have gone with a group of people or atleast couple of people if not more. I did that trip by my self so there were few times when I did get bored during the commute. There were few times were I just joined random groups and hung out with them and I am glad I did that because it was lot of fun. Gaudi’s work was simply amazing I was able to visit many buildings that were architect by him. Cathedral’s I saw over there I have never seen any where else. This place also had the bus tours where you can just take hopper bus where you can keep getting off and on as you want to all the attractions. There is nice ocean front there and a nice beach as well. Few things don’t spend too much on the hotel even the really expensive hotels are not going to be all that great atleast that’s what my experience was so no need to waste too much money. Food yes that’s a good story, as I had said I usually like to try local food and not any chains well I tried to do that for three days and I had some what luck getting tapas and yes the way they make garlic bread was just awesome, they actually take bread than take peace of tomato and spread on bread and after that take peace of garlic and rub on the bread I know it may sound very simple but it tasted great or it could be that may be the vegetarian tapas I was eating weren’t that filling J. So on the 4th day I couldn’t help it and had to go look for Indian restaurant and Pizza Hut yes I know it’s sad but I was just way to hungry and couldn’t help it, there weren’t enough choices for me in Spanish menu.

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Posted by Pritesh Shah on Sat, Feb 11, 2006 @ 08:50 PM


Norway one of my favorite places, I was there in July 2003 weather was amazing. It was hardly dark, days were almost as long as 20 hours and I loved that. Nature is the biggest attraction of this country and it is simply amazing how beautiful it was. I loved the people around there everyone I meet was very nice to me though people had told me otherwise I didn’t face any problems. Not everyone speaks English very well but they know enough so you can definitely get by and do everything you like. Oslo we mainly took the tour bus which took us to all the places we can just get off and on as we like and spend as much time we want at each attraction. Some of my favourite attractions were Vigeland Sculpture Park, Viking Ship Musuem and Noregian Folk Museum. Food is a little bit of a problem if you are not flexible, specially me being vegetarian we didn’t had many choice in Norwegian cuisine but the pepe’s pizza (pizza franchise), Indian restaurant and Italian food. I usually prefer to eat at local places but there weren’t too many choices. Norway is little bit expensive but I think it very well worth it. I will put some pictures and important links soon.

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London & Scotland

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Sat, Aug 06, 2005 @ 03:39 AM

London & Scotland:

Between London & Scotland I would without doubt suggest Scotland. London was fun too but I didn’t find it to be that exciting may be I was just not in the right mood at that time. Scotland on the other hand was lot of fun. Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Glencoe etc were great. Train ride between London to Scotland was also fun. Not too many other activities as such other than site seeing but we were able to go to a Scottish folkdance performance which was fun offcourse the shortbread cookies were simply delicious. We mainly did taxi and went around the places; I was with 5 other people so that was the best way to travel since we had found a great taxi driver he had van so we all were able to travel together instead of getting 2 different taxis every time. Had no problems with food or anything was able to find enough vegetarian food and since I was with family they had also brought lot of things with them.

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Between Hot Air Ballooning, White Water Rafting, Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Posted by Pritesh Shah on Thu, Jun 09, 2005 @ 11:09 PM

I have done White Water Rafting, Hot Air Ballooning, Hang Gliding and Paragliding. All of them were fun but I think the best was white water rafting. Hang gliding, hot air ballooning and paragliding are all usually in $75 to $250 range. They usually last only for 20 to 40 minutes. Where white water rafting is three to four hours of pure adventure and fun and which only costs around $35 to $50. After white water rafting I would suggest hang gliding then paragliding and if you are looking for very relaxing ride with just hint of adventure then hot air ballooning. Hot air ballooning was exciting at very end when we landed and didn't turn out to be a smooth ending but that was the height of the adventure so I strongly suggest that if you are mainly looking for adventure the most adventurous and fun for a very low price would be white water rafting.

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